Linux / Unix Support & Services - Satisfaction Guaranteed!

You have the option of ongoing support through one of our prepaid, discounted support vouchers, which are tailored to meet your specific business needs. In addition, we can customise a training package for your Unix administration needs. The training is delivered on site to ensure relevance to your systems and processes.

Remote and On-site Troubleshooting & Support

We offer secure remote access as required, to cater for those regular administrative tasks where a warm body on site is not required. Tasks such as patching and updates, ad hoc support, or systems troubleshooting. Need an on site call out instead? No problem - we can come to you for an emergency call out to take back ownership of that vital Unix / Linux server gathering dust in the corner. Need a Unix / Linux server password recovered, or on site systems troubleshooting? No problem - we're here for you. Interstate call outs are entirely acceptable and can be arranged.

Installation & Configuration of New and Existing Systems

Want to deploy a new Linux based mail server, file server or firewall? Can do. Have you lost a Unix / Linux resource and need someone to tweak or support your existing Unix / Linux infrastructure? We can help.

Security Testing and System Security Hardening

We can arrange for an on site security audit of your Unix / Linux systems and present a formal report of our findings, with recommendations on how to harden your systems against cyber attack.

Secure Networking Solutions

OpenVPN based connectivity for your road warriors, or office-to-home VPN connectivity services are available


We have experience in Linux VM server builds to meeds your needs, whether in-house on existing ESX based hardware, or in the Cloud. We have even virtualised ageing SCO Openserver systems and breathed new life into otherwise failing and obsolete hardware. Talk to us today about our p2v services.

On-Site Training

We can provide on-site Linux systems admin training tailored to your specific environment and requirements

Backup System Configuration

Backups protect the most valuable asset of most businesses - digital information. Speak with us about insuring your data through automated onsite and offsite backup.