Ted Sisopha, Infrastructure Manager, Sims Metal Management Ltd.

"Breakthru IT has consistently impressed us with their technical abilities and attention to detail. From simple to complex problems we can rely on Breakthru IT Services for support."

Marea Howe, Director, Corporate Network Ltd.

"Michael is a tower of strength and I don't know what we'd do without him."

Chris Anderson, Chris Anderson & Co Pty Ltd.

"Just a quick note to say thank you for your efforts in maintaining and upgrading our Linux mail server over the years. You were a life saver when I first came to you in 2009 with our almost moribund mail server, upgrading and updating it so that it now runs very smoothly effectively requiring only minimal maintenance.

"I really appreciate your knowledge, skills, thoughtfulness and thoroughness in any of the IT tasks you have undertaken or are still undertaking on our behalf. I also have valued your advice on ways to improve our IT efficiency in our office.

"I have no problems in recommending you and your work."

John Hogg, Managing Director, STL Warehousing.

"We are a third party warehouse service provider in the healthcare sector. Our systems are fully integrated with multiple customers’ information available in real time – downtime is not an option.

"After looking around for a Linux programmer for some time I found Michael on Google. We had a meeting at my office and I have to say it was enjoyable talking to a techo who can speak non-techo speak.

"Michael presented as knowledgeable and a straight shooter so we engaged him on a small project back in Feb 2011.

"It soon became clear that we had found the right person. Each time we had a request Michael asked lots of questions to understand the need and then delivered it. 2 years down the track Michael is our Systems Administrator and performs regular updates and maintenance and is proactive in providing answers to meet our very demanding standards.

"Michael has worked on setting up / installing network communications, Linux email, ftp servers, security and access to external web portals, cloud servers for disaster recovery and many other projects.

"I have no hesitation in recommending Michael as a very capable solutions provider."